Alzahra State University                                                             2015 to 2020
GPA: 3.89
Major: Industrial Engineering
Thesis: Social Media Text Analysis and Classification


I've started writing papers and collaborating on research topics about a year ago. In this time, I was able to contact great people and shared the experience of learning new concepts with them. In here you'll see a glimpse of what we've done till now.

  • COPER: a query-adaptable Semantics-based Search Engine for Persian COVID-19 Articles (Accepted)
  • In this research project we gathered two datasets: Persian COVID-19 Articles and PerSICK. The former consists of Healthcare articles related to COVID-19. The latter is the first Persian dataset used to measure Semantic Textual Similarity. The primary contribution of this paper is a novel Document Ranking approach which utilizez a ranking and re-ranking stage using BM25, TF-IDF, and BERT.

    A collaboration with: M. Allahyari (Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern) and R. Khan Mohammadi (Researcher at Guilan NLP group)

  • PassivePy: A Tool to Automatically Identify Passive Voice in Big Text Data (In progress)
  • Our aim with this work is to create a reliable (e.g., passive voice judgments are consistent), valid (e.g., passive voice judgments are accurate), flexible (e.g., texts can be assessed at different units of analysis), replicable (e.g., the approach can be performed by a range of research teams with varying levels of computational expertise), and scalable way (e.g., small and large collections of texts can be analyzed) to capture passive voice from different corpora for social and psychological evaluations of text. To achieve these aims, we introduce PassivePy, a fully transparent and documented Python library.

    A collaboration with: A. Sepehri (PhD candidate at the Ivey Business School) and D. Markowitz (Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon)

  • Prose2Poem: The blessing of Transformer-based Language Models in translating Prose to Persian Poetry (Submitted)
  • Having curated a parallel corpus of prose and their equivalent poems, we introduce a novel Neural Machine Translation (NMT) approach to translate prose to ancient Persian poetry using transformer-based Language Models in an extremely low-resource setting. More specifically, we trained a Transformer model from scratch to obtain initial translations and pretrained different variations of BERT to obtain final translations. To address the challenge of using masked language modelling under poeticness criteria, we heuristically joined the two models and generated valid poems in terms of automatic and human assessments.
    A sample of one of our pretrained models on Huggingface

    A collaboration with: A. Mirroshandel (Research And Development Manager at AVID Technology Development) and R. Khan Mohammadi (Researcher at Guilan NLP group)

  • Fetus HeartBeat Audio Signal Analysis (In progress)
  • Signal processing for gender classification.

    A collaboration with: M. Ghassemi (Assistant Professor at Michigan State University) and R. Khan Mohammadi (Researcher at Guilan NLP group)

  • Recommender Systems in Donation Websites (In progress)
  • A survey on different approaches toward a recommender system problem for a donation website.

    A collaboration with: A. Sepehri (PhD candidate at the Ivey Business School) and Amirali Kani (Assistant Professor at Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics)

Academic Projects and Extracurricular Work

  • Translation of The Logistics Handbook - A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities with 4 students with the supervision of Dr. Mehdi Safaei
  • Chief Editor of Pooyan Industrial Engineering Magazine for two years and producing digital content and podcasts, interviewing with successful entrepreneurs and professors. One sample of our work.
  • Holding free discussion sessions and English workshops at Alzahra university.
  • Acting as a member of the executive team at conferences, such as the 14th (certificate) and the 16th (certificate) Industrial Engineering National Confrence at Alzahra and AmirKabir University of Technology(certificate).
  • Selected as one of the outstanding members of the awarded students' council (certificate).

ŮŚWork Experience

Fergas international company: LinkedIn page                                          2019 to 2020
Title: Data Analyst
Descriptions and responsibilities:

  • I Started off as an intern in the CRM and BI department and after three months I got employed. During my internship, I self studied coding in Python and Tableau with the help of online courses.
  • Created a systematic way of importing, cleaning and updating information from different sites of the company for a detailed view on company customers, assets and the performance of employees, with Python and Tableu.
  • Data Analysis, segmenting and classifying customer, calculating different KPIs like RFM and Loyalty square for customer analysis.

Freelance projects                                                                    2020 to now
Projects related to:
  • Machine Learning projects (related to price prediction, classification)
  • Natural Language Processing projects (related to sentiment analysis, topic modeling and text scraping)
  • Translation projects for students

Language Skills

  • Finished Iran Language instituteAdvanced course with Outstanding performance (Certificate)
  • IELTS examination (Overall: 7.5)


Feel free to reach out and contact me for any type of research collaboration or freelance project or even for suggestions on my online content :)

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