***In order to maintain the secrecy of company, all names and indicators have either been blurred or completely covered by rectangular boxes. These are a few of a myriad of analysis I was able to share without sacrificing my clients' privacy.

Figure 1. Preface of one of the dashboards

Figure 3. Demand fluctuations of a specific product

Figure 4. A simple categorization of Customers

Figure 5. Comparison of companies performance by months

Figure 6. Financial Analysis

Figure 7. Growth rate of a competitor company

*** To download the file of presentation click on the pictures. These are two projects that are mostly related to the current field I am in.

Figure 1. Industry 4 - Manufacturing and planning in the new industrialized civilization

Figure 2. Systems Dynamic - an analysis of the financial system of our university committees

Figure 3. Free discussion session

Figure 4. English teaching and representation


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